A light way to learn about core ideas and result of the project.

A dialogue concerning undecidability, uncomputability and unpredictability. Entered in the FXQi 2019/2020 essay context, three physicists discuss how science is affected by the limitations inherent in math, computer science, chaos theory and quantum uncertainty.

  Student thesis (undergraduate)

Ryan Cosper - From Two Assumptions to Hamilton's Mechanics. It shows how Hamiltonian Mechanics can be recovered from infinitesimal reducibility and deterministm/reversibility in a language accessible to undergraduates.

Micah Johnson - Physical Motivations of Differential Topology. It explores a better way to introduce and motivate the tools of differential topology (generalization of vector calculus to higher dimension), creating a better connection between the math and the physics it is used to describe.


Gabriele Carcassi's blog on foundations of physics. In the blog the project lead tries to make some the concepts accessible to a broader audience. See the index of all posts. NOTE: it hasn't been updated in a while as we are trying to understand what is the best way to communicate the ideas.

  Bare minima

Presents the essentials of a discipline: Set theory


Gabriele Carcassi's youtube channel includes videos aimed at physics/math/engineering students at the intermediate level.

A series of videos introducing the relationship between Hamiltonian mechanics and determinism/reversibility.

A series of videos on the geometrical meaning of Lagrangian mechanics and its relations to determinism/reversibility.

A series of videos that aim to give an intuitive of vector calculus.