If you share our goal of reformulating of physics from well founded principles and assumptions, here are a few things you can do to further our goal.

Promote the project

This is probably the easiest and most helpful way you can help.

  • Like/share/promote the material we publish through the YouTube channel and Facebook page, particularly on platforms where we are not active
  • Ask your favorite scientific magazine/podcast/YouTube channel/... to invite us and/or speak about the project
  • If you are a university student, propose one of our papers at your reading groups or propose us for a seminar/colloquium talk at your physics/math/philosophy/engineering department
  • If you are a researcher and want to cite our project, please cite the book.

Contribute to the project

Before investing too much time, contact us to coordinate and avoid multiple people working on the same thing.

  • Grab the latest version of the book or other material and report typos/math errors/...
  • Help us improve book figures and layout (Latex), website (HTML, Bootstrap, Jekyll), our social media presence, ...
  • If you have a background in math/science/engineering/philosophy of science, consider contributing a bare minimum

Contribute to the research

As the topic is highly specialized, this type of contribution is realistic only if it has a connection to your active research or field of study.

  • Make yourself available as a consultant, which means provide insight into specific academic fields and their literature
  • Go through the blueprint papers to review the status of active areas of inquiry
  • Help us determine conferences and communities that may be interested in the project
  • Propose a joint paper in a field in which you have a publication track record