Uncovering the assumptions of physics. Seminar given by Gabriele Carcassi on 2019/12/17 at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, Munich and on 2019/10/08 at the Physics Department, University of Pavia. (pdf - pptx)

2019/08/26 - Space-time structure may be topological and not geometrical. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at the International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics 2019, Orthodox Academy of Creta (OAC). (pdf - pptx)

2019/06/10 - On the role of mathematics in physical theories. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at the Foundations of Modern Physics 2019 Workshop, University of Michigan. (pdf - pptx)

2019/05/31 - The Fundamental Connections Between Classical Hamiltonian Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Information Entropy. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at Quantum 2019, University of Torino. (pdf - pptx)

2019/02/13 - Uncovering the Assumptions of Physics. U. of Michigan Applied Physics Seminar given by Christine Aidala (pdf - pptx)

2018/07/18 - The Logic and Topology of Experimentally Verifiable Statements. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at the 33rd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Western Kentucky University. (pdf - pptx)

2017/06/27 - Topology and Physical Distinguishability. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at the 32nd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, University of Dayton. (pdf - pptx)

2016/07/16 - From Physical Assumptions To Classical Hamiltonian And Lagrangian Particle Mechanics. Presentation given by Gabriele Carcassi at Foundations2016: the 18th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics, London School of Economics. (pdf - pptx)


Hamiltonian mechanics is conservation of information entropy (2020): shows that Hamiltonian mechanics describes systems and only systems that conserve entropy over time. Accepted for publication in Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics

The fundamental connections between classical Hamiltonian mechanics, quantum mechanics and information entropy (2020): argues that the main difference between classical and quantum mechanics is the information available about the internal dynamics of the system. Published in in International Journal of Quantum Information

Variability as a better characterization of Shannon entropy (2019): provides a physically more meaningful way to characterize information entropy and a more precise account of its relationship to statistical mechanics.

Towards a general mathematical theory of experimental science (2018): summarizes the logic of verifiable statements.

Topology and experimental distinguishability (2017): first attempt to formalize the first part of the derivation up to topological spaces. Published in Topology Proceedings.

From physical assumptions to classical and quantum Hamiltonian and Lagrangian particle mechanics (2017): the full derivation from the discussion of the basic assumptions to the details of the mathematical frameworks. It serves as a proof of concept and blueprint for the whole project. Published in Journal of Physics Communications.